Arabic Reader Program

Arabic Reader Program

Developed by Aldeen Foundation in 2015, the Arabic Reader Program (ARP) is a reading program designed to be supplementary to a school’s Arabic curriculum, not to replace it. It aims to help students of the Arabic language to enhance their reading skills through interactive quizzes and self-monitoring of reading level. A committee of senior experts in the field of teaching Arabic as a foreign language developed the standards for classification of books and stories in each of these levels and aligned reading levels are with ACTFL Proficiency Standards.

ARP is a cloud-based computerized management system which can be accessed on computers, laptops or tablets that monitors and assesses reading progress and comprehension. The system features a placement test that determines individual reading levels. Students are then able to select from a variety of level-appropriate Arabic books, online or paper depending on availability, and to take vocabulary, structure, and comprehension literacy reading skills quizzes on that book. After successful completion of level proficiency, the system will enable the reader to move to the next proficiency level of books, while enjoying reading stories. The system will also enable teachers and parents to assess the progress of their students. The ARP will challenge and target the meta-cognition skills of the readers’ upper language levels of proficiency and enhance the understanding, and hence appreciation, of the Arabic language.Reading is a skill and, as with every skill, it requires not just instruction but practice. The Arabic Reading Program will enable students to apply the skills they have learned at their own pace to a variety of Arabic reading materials. Students will be able to monitor and personalize their reading practice. Teachers will also have the ability to check students’ individual progress and address their needs to enhance reading comprehension skills.

The Arabic Reader Program works as follows:

  1. Students will take an ARP placement test to be assigned a reading proficiency level.
  2. Once the reading level is assigned, the student schedules time for daily reading practice, additional to the instructional reading period. During this time, students select and read books that match their individual ability levels and interests.
  3. When a student finishes a book, he or she takes an online quiz, which will assess general levels and aspects of comprehension of the book just read. Quiz scores will reflect comprehension of the reading material and allow them to move to higher levels at their own pace.
  4. Quiz scores and tracking of results will generate reports. The teachers will utilize this data to monitor each student’s practice and to guide students to appropriate books.


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