The Key to Getting All Students Engaged online and off line

Spaces are limited.

Class opens March 5th – closes April 16st.

If you are looking for additional tools for your remote teaching classroom, then this course is for you!

Duration of the program: Five weeks 

Meeting Synchronously an hour on Saturdays and Sunday’s mornings walk you through each tool step by step.

In order to address the growing need to transition to remote instruction, during the course of this program, teachers will have the opportunity of:

  1. Hands on sessions to leverage and enhance existing resources to create their own materials and tasks for the three modes of communication and three proficiency levels.
  2. Share projects with participants.
  3. Feedback from presenters, program director, and peers.
  4. Micro-teaching for the final project.
  5. Using skills and tools from the program, exchange topics and ideas using skills and tools introduced in the program

This Hands-on training provided by experts in the teaching field will lead you to:

  1. Familiarize yourself with new online tools and practice using them.
  2. Review one proficiency level each time during the online meeting and discuss the communication modes.
  3. Provide feedback about sample materials.
  4. Create and demonstrate teaching materials and tasks.

Act fast and register as soon ss possible! spaces are limited to be able to address individual needs and enable each teacher to apply, practice and present during micro teaching at the end of the program.

The syllabus will be posted March 5th ( midnight ) for all registered teachers.

All participants who complete the course will receive an Aldeen certificate of completion.

REGISTRATION STARTS: Feb. 26, 2021 (10:00 AM PST)
REGISTRATION FEES: $99 Per Teacher, $550 Per School (up to six teachers).

REGISTER online at:

For Teachers

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IF you have any questions regarding the online course, please contact the Aldeen online education director: Lina Kholaki at