Aldeen Online Education Program

Thank you for your interest in our online Arabic program. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. What are the requirements to be able to participate in the Aldeen online program?

To participate in the online Arabic sessions, you need to meet the following conditions:
A) You are a current Arabic teacher (TAFL) OR
B) You are planning to teach Arabic in the near future
C) You have an advanced high Arabic proficiency level in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic, Fusha) to be able to completely benefit from the course content.
D) You need to complete an application and pay course tuition before registration deadline.

2. What are ways or methods to make payment?

PayPal is the only accepted payment method. If you have a particular situation that doesn’t allow you to do so, please contact the online program director via email to see if other payment arrangements can be made.

3. What is the Arabic language proficiency level of the teachers who can join the training?

All participant teachers should have at least an advanced high Arabic proficiency level in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic, Fusha) to be able to completely benefit from the course content.

4. Can I submit payment for the course tuition after I register?

Payment must be submitted as part of completing the application, and your application will not be processed if payment is not received at time of registration. Incomplete applications will be remain on file for an additional 48 hours, and if completed during that time, will be accepted pending availability of space. After 48 hours, incomplete applications will no longer be valid and a new application must be completed and course payment received for processing, pending availability of space.

5. How much time should the teacher expect to dedicate to the training?

Teachers should spend around two hours weekly to cover all the material.

6. Is participation in the online training restricted to teachers in the USA?

No, any teacher of Arabic as a foreign language can participate in the training from anywhere in the world.

7. Can I access the videos and the course material after the course ends?

No, all passwords are disabled at midnight on the last day of training.

8. Are the sessions live? Is there any specific time we should log in?

No, all videos and provided material are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, during the six weeks of training.

9. What are the requirements to get an Aldeen certificate?

To get the Aldeen certificate of completion, you need to complete all course requirements: Watch all the videos; take all the quizzes; and get an overall average of 70% or more. Participating in the discussion forum is optional.

10. Is the Aldeen certificate of completion eligible towards professional development?

Yes the Aldeen certificate is usually eligible for teachers’ professional development hours, however, you need to verify with your institution for PD hour elibility.

11. Is Aldeen certificate of completion eligible towards university credit?

Each institution is different; you have to verify with your university for credit eligibility.

12. Is there any homework during the training?

No, there is no homework during the training.

13. Is there any writing included in the quizzes?

No, all quizzes are multiple choice or yes/no questions.

14. Can we join the training once the course starts?

No, registration closes once the course starts.

15. What material are we allowed to keep after the course ends?

Teachers can keep a copy of the PowerPoint presentations prepared by the instructors and can copy the links to different material provided. However, videos and discussion forum content can be used only during the course and cannot be kept after the course ends.

16. Can the program offer a refund or a credit for future courses in case of dropping the course?

If you request to drop or withdraw from the course for any reason during the first week only, your full registration fee can be applied as a credit for future courses. Fees will not be applied to any future registration if dropping or withdrawing from the course is after the first week. No refunds are offered.

Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any further questions.