About Our Organization

Aldeen Foundation was established out of a belief in the importance of education and is dedicated to expanding opportunities for the pursuit of excellence in education in a value based school environment.

Our commitment is focused on three main areas: teacher professional development, library book collection expansion and Arabic language development.

We offer a number of opportunities for Teacher Professional Development for both core subject and Arabic language teachers.

Our onsite workshops are conducted in October and November of every year and have been ongoing since 1991. The goal is to present current and relevant topics that initiate stimulating new ways for the educators to reach, teach and motivate students and to better equip the participant teachers with the requisite skills to achieve their goals in excellence in teaching.

We also offer multiple online course sessions throughout the year targeted towards teachers of Arabic as a foreign language to share knowledge and present techniques that will expand the participant’s skill set.

In order to provide an opportunity for teachers to continue their knowledge of the most current didactic practices, we provide conference sponsorships. A limited number of sponsorships to the following major educational conferences are available: ACTFL, ISNA West and ISNA East.

Reading is a foundation of lifelong learning and Aldeen has been supporting library book collection and expansion at the New Horizon Schools. We established the core collections at the Aldeen Libraries with material that enriches the curriculum and is geared to stimulate growth in factual knowledge and encourage students and teachers in literary appreciation. Educative, cultural, scientific, and audiovisual materials are available in both Arabic and English. As a result, the libraries are well equipped to serve the schools’ student and teacher populations.

The Arabic Reader Program (ARP) was born from an understanding that free reading is the way to acquire language. There are a limited number of resources available to encourage and support Arabic language proficiency for non heritage readers. Aldeen Foundation developed ARP as a way to help students of Arabic to enhance their reading skills through interactive quizzes and self-checking reading levels, which are aligned with ACFTL proficiency standards.

Aldeen Foundation participated in creating an outstanding Arabic Language Program for young children, Hayaa Natakalamu Maan.  Launched in September 2006,  the program is based on the techniques and methods of teaching Arabic as a foreign language. It is based completely on a communicative approach, which is the best way to teach a foreign language at this level, when students develop their oral skills, including listening and speaking.