Balance: The Buck Starts Here

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Life has so many demands, and we are getting busier and busier.  Many people complain but do not do much to improve their lives.  Susan Labadi reminds us of the many abilities that we possess and the gift of choice that Allah has granted us.

Accordingly, she encourages us to improve our lives and offers us the following seven practical techniques:
1.  Be defined.  Define your goals.  Organize specific steps to achieve your goal.
Then, then have the discipline to implement them.
2.  Accounting for time traps.  Plan your schedule.  Get rid of time wasters.  Also,
program people’s expectations of you and respect your schedule.
3.    Love to do something and allow yourself to do it.  Find what you love about
your work to enhance your skills and what you enjoy outside your work to keep
you youthful.
4.  Allah relieves stress.  Seek peace and fulfillment through Qur’an recitation,
supplications, and Islamic readings.
5.  No! Sometimes you have to call the shots to keep your plan.  Plan your day so it
is filled with personal goals and interests; otherwise others will plan your
schedules and run your life.
6.  Create a means of expression.  Find what brings you joy and satisfaction and
indulge them.
7.  Education and training like mentors to emulate.  Invest your time and money to
pursue education.  “Find the people you aspire to acquire as associates in your

Aldeen Foundation 2008
ISNA Educational Forum 2008: Track: Arabic Instruction
Instructor:  Susan Labadi
Topic: Balance: The Buck Starts Here
Written by: Ilham Zayat

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