Balance: The Buck Starts Here

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Life has so many demands, and we are getting busier and busier.  Many people complain but do not do much to improve their lives.  Susan Labadi reminds us of the many abilities that we  Read More

How to Be a Great Teacher in USA

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Are you thinking how to be a great teacher in USA? For many years, the secret to good teaching is considered more like an alchemy. It is the combination of a lot of inspiration and dedication. The need for great teachers will never be over. This is because society will always need a good teacher. In recent times, teaching is the most complicated jobs. The reason is that it requires you to have comprehensive knowledge about subject, standards, and curriculum. A great teacher must have enthusiasm, classroom management methods and caring attitude. They are driven by the passion to change the lives of their students. In this article, we have highlighted some of the qualities of a great teacher.

Read further to know what makes a teacher a great teacher.

Proper Guidance

A great teacher will start by moving the students in a path and help them in preparing for it. After that, the teachers push them into the future. The key to being a good teacher is by guiding the students with passion.

Clear Written Objectives

A great teacher has a plan that provides the student a clear idea what they will learn. A good teacher must know the grading policy and the rules related to assignments. The main objective of assignments is to give a chance to practice the new skill. An effective teacher in USA must work in a timely manner.

Master of Their Subject Matter

An ideal teacher in USA will be an expert in the subject they teach. They will always continue to learn more about their field. A teacher must be able to teach in a passionate manner that will encourage the students to learn more.

Strong Relations With The Students

A great teacher in USA forms a strong relationship with their students. They are warm, caring, and enthusiastic. The teacher will stay after the school hours and be available for helping the parents and students if need be. A teacher who is involved in the school and shows a commitment to the school is a quality of a great teacher.


A quality educator will be organized and come to the class prepared. They will come to the class early and is always willing to teach the students. They have prepared the lesson beforehand, so they can deliver it in a structured and clear way. When they are in the classroom, there are no distractions as everyone listens to them carefully.

Therefore, it is not so easy to be a great teacher. You will have to put in a lot of effort and hard work. You can start by mastering your subject matter. You must be passionate about teaching students. If you are not passionate about teaching, it is not the right job for you. A teacher can be a great teacher if they are given the right resources. What qualities must a great teacher in USA have? Share your views with us in the comments below.


Developing Life Long Writers

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What does “literacy” mean? According to Webster’s Universal Dictionary, literacy is the ability  to  read  and write. According  to  the United Nations Educational

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Responding to Learner’s Needs

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As teachers, we are compelled to always look at the content, process, and product in which things are taught to students.  The process is the method in how the lesson is taught, and the product is what the student learns. Read More