Previous Teacher Professional Development Presentations


Classroom Management (Susan Labadi)

Learning Through Play (Billy Truong)

Developing a Positive Muslim Identity (Susan Labadi)


Improving Reading Comprehension and Writing Proficiency (Lina Kholaki, M.A.)

Strategies for Student Language Development (Phyllis Schneider)

Mindful Learning: Students who are Present and Focused (David Ghoogasian)

Minimizing Stress in the Preschool Environment (Billy Truong)


Language Development (Khalil Iskarous, Ph.D.) –  synopsis

Stress Free Environment (Billy Truong) – synopsis 1   – synopsis 2

Classroom Management (David Ghoogasian)

Common Core Standards (Lewis Johnson)


Hot Topics from the Preschool Yard (Phyllis Schneider, M.A.) –  synopsis

Challenging Behaviors: Can you Hear Me Now (Michelle Ventimiglia)

Engaging Students to Maximize Learning (Leila Shatara, M.Ed.) – synopsis

Differentiated Instruction (Maria Carreira) – synopsis 1 – synopsis 2


Portfolios & Documentation in Early Childhood Classrooms (Michelle Ventimiglia)

Relationship with Parents: The Challenges & Rewards (Phyllis Schneider, M.A.)

 Achieving Clarity in Assessment (Melissa McKinstry)


Language Activities Without Worksheets (Michelle Ventimiglia)

When Good Children “Misbehave”: Basics of Classroom Management (Phyllis Schneider, M.A.)

Introduction to the Common Core Standards (David Ghoogasian)


Pocket Possibilities: Exploration of Math & Science Games (Zimbel Educational Concepts

Striving to Reach & Teach all Students (David Ghoogasian)

Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Classroom (David Ghoogasian)

Differentiated Instruction Demystified (Nishat Alikhan) – synopsis

Games to Engage Motivate Students in the 21st Century Classroom (Nishat Alikhan) – synopsis

Islamic Studies, Quranic Studies, Social Skills, Academic Readiness (Anis Ahmed) – synopsis

Enhancing Students’ Language Skills Through Photo Stories (Amal S. Elhoseiny) – synopsis

Development from Childhood to Adolescence (Aysha F Mehdi) – synopsis

Useful Resources & Tools for Teachers and Learners of Arabic (Ilham Zayat) – synopsis

Classroom Management (Khatija S.F. Ali) – synopsis

Resolving Parent Complaints (Necva Ozgur) – synopsis

Incorporating Hands On Activities in Religious Studies Classes (Fatma Abdel Hafiz) – synopsis


Translating Brain Research into Classroom Practice (David Ghoogasian) – synopsis

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences (Omar Ezzeldine, Ph.D.) – synopsis


Confronting Learning Disabilities (Omar Ezzeldine, Ph.D.) – synopsis

Teaching Students to Write (Scott Purdy)

Drawing Out the Best in Your Students: Raising Test Scores Naturally (Jon Pearson)

Drawing Out the Best in Your Students: Visualize to Verbalize (John Pearson)


Maximizing the Learning Potential of Each Pupil (Noel Janis-Norton)

Interactive Instruction (Omar Ezzeldine, Ph.D.) – synopsis

Engaging All Students in Cognitive Questioning (Omar Ezzeldine, Ph.D.)

Differntiating Instruction to Meet the Educational & Disciplinary Needs (Scott Purdy) – synopsis


Spiritual Growth of Our Children Through Internalizing Values (Necva Ozgur) – synopsis

Interactive Discipline (Rick Morris)

Effective Communication (Sadullah Khan) – synopsis

Student Assessment Strategies (Phyllis MacDonald)


Information for Transformation (Sadullah Khan)

Power of Technology in the Classroom (Judi Wolf) – synopsis

Building a Successful Partnership with Parents (Necva Ozgur)

Instructional Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom (Kim Thoman)

Synthesizing Key Quranic Concepts into Classroom Teaching (Sadullah Khan)


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