Professional Development for Arabic Teachers

Building Language Foundations

Online Education 2015/2016

Spring session one: March 7th TO April 18th 2016

Developing core language skills – Vocabulary

What vocabulary do students learn first? When can you expect your students to produce language? Why is vocabulary retention a challenge? Can you make learning vocabulary a fun and productive experience? How many words do your students need to know to be considered Arabic speakers? Is the language all about vocabulary learning?!

Join our spring session one for six weeks, and give your students the vocabulary skills they need to Start Right!

* Reach and teach your students based on their needs and interest

* Teach vocabulary through context: storytelling, cooking, art, etc

* Use technology to create a more interesting learning experience

* Make learning and teaching more exciting and educational

* Bring best practices alive in your classroom

This interactive course provides instructors with the latest research, strategies and techniques designed for students of various ages and proficiency levels.

Spend about 90 minutes per week, listening to lectures, watching the best teaching strategies in a real classroom setting, taking quizzes and networking with experts and colleagues in the US and worldwide!

Access the online sessions when it is convenient for you

The online sessions are presented by distinguished experts in the field of Arabic language instruction, namely: Dr. Mahdi Alosh, Dr. Ghayda Al- Ali, Mrs. Lina Kholaki, Mrs. Nacheda Baroud Tizani, and, Mrs. Thouraya Boubetra

The class instructors are: Mrs. Oumayma Amaira, Mrs. Amal Elhoseiny, Mrs. Nacheda Baroud Tizani, Mrs. Lamya Najem,

All participants who complete the course will receive an Aldeen certificate of completion.